Julia discovered her real passion for training voices around 15 years ago. Her early influences and teachers were among some of the finest such as Freddy Cox, Linda Esther Grey and Eduardo Asquez who taught the art of Bel Canto from the well established methods of the Garcia family.  She has worked with singers on the London musical scene offering expertise on vocal health and hygiene in this challenging medium. Many of her pupils have sung with the National Youth Choir of Great Britain, and trained at Music Conservatories and Cathedral Schools throughout the UK.  Julia’s most recent post was as voice coach and choral director for a new project initiated by the Sultan of Oman to provide a fully trained Opera Chorus within a specialist music school in the Sultanate.

“My journey as a teacher developed when I realised as a young singer, that I had not acquired enough information in the most vital years of my early career.  The turning point for me culminated in the biggest crash of my musical career and the slow journey back to vocal health. Of course many singers go through this; some are minor accidents that require minimal remedial work, whilst others are major crashes which can end the singer’s career. It can be, and often is, devastating.I am dedicated to the pursuit of training voices for the rigours of the profession, and equipping the singer with all the tools for a successful and long career”.

A teacher is the single most important influence throughout the early singing years. It is a time of blue-printing the physical structures and musical senses.